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Battersea Park School

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What do I do if my Son/Daughter is ill or has a doctors appointment? 

If you are absent from school for any reasons you will need to contact the school before 8.15am each day, make a note in your childs planner, and ensure they show it to thier form tutor on your return.
Any appointments please give your child thier appointment card, to be copied at reception. They will need to show thier Head of Year who will sign thier planner to give your permission to leave school.

What are the lunchtime ARRANGEMENTS?

 Students at Battersea Park School are not allowed to leave site for lunch. You can choose either a hot or cold meals to be eaten in the canteen only.
School Meals - If you decide to buy a school meal you will need about £2.  If you have completed a free school meals form there is no cost.
Packed lunches – Must also be eaten in the canteen.
Please do not bring in any sweets, crisps, chocolate, fizzy drinks – HEALTHY food only  
Snacks hot & cold and drinks can be bought in the canteen at breaktime also.

Breakfast available between 7.45 – 8.15am

What happens if my child loses something?

If you child lose anything, there are certain steps they can take:
Retrace your movements and look in all the rooms in which you have been taught.
Ask teachers who have taught you if they have picked anything up.
Ask friends/form if they have seen your property.
Go to the Main Office and see if the item has been handed in.
Report the loss to your form teacher.
Keep going back to the rooms or Main Office as things often turn up much later.

What are the times of the school day?

  College Opens from 7.30am 

7.45am        to      8.15am         (30min)        Breakfast Club (optional)
Students should aim to arrive between: 8.20am - 8.25am
8.30am        to        8.40am       (10mins)       Registration/Assembly
8.40am         to        9.40am       (60mins)       Period 1
9.40am         to       10.40am      (60mins)       Period 2
10.40am       to       11.00am      (20mins)       Break
11.00am       to       12.00noon    (60mins)       Period 3
12.00noon    to       1.00pm       (60mins)       Period 4
1.00pm        to        2.00pm       (60mins)       Lunch
2.00pm        to       3.00pm       (60mins)       Period 5
3.00pm        to       3.15pm       (15mins)       Registration
College Finishes at 3.15pm           
Students: It is important that you arrive at school in plenty of time to be in your tutor room or assembly for registration. Warning pips indicates that it is time to be in your form room or at assembly.
Remember: Each lesson is marked by pips.
Break and lunchtimes there are two sets of pips: one 5mins warning then pips for start of lesson - so remember to listen for them. Try to wear a watch as this will also help you.

What is the school uniform?

When in school your uniform is:             

  • Black trousers or skirt
  • Plain white shirt or blouse buttoning to the neck
  • Black V-necked Jumper or Sleeveless Jumper (with gold trim).
  • Black tie with gold stripe
  • Black Blazer with BSP Badge
  • Coloured badge appropriate to Year Group.              
  • Black, white or dark grey socks or tights.
  • Plain black shoes No trainers or boots,
  • Plain dark outdoors coat

Hooded tops/Caps are not uniform and should not be brought into School

When in PE or on a sports trip:                                            
  • Pale blue T-shirt              
  • Navy with sky blue stripe P.E shorts (long)
  • Navy blue tracksuit, for cold weather.
  • White or Black socks                    
  • Appropriate footwear for sport (Football boots / trainers)
  • Black swimming costume or trunks.

Can I wear Jewellery?

Only plain sleepers or ear studs may be worn in the lobe. NO other jewellery is permitted, it will be confiscated. This is to minimise the risk of loss and injury. NO facial jewellery is permitted or acceptable

Can I wear a hat?

HEADWEAR of any kind is not permitted in college unless as part of a religious belief.

What does my child need to bring to school?                                            

A bag in which you can carry books, pencil case, lunch box (if you bring a packed lunch) and any specialist kit you may need for that day.
A pencil case containing pens, pencils, ruler, sharpener, eraser, coloured crayons/felt tips, a note book. NOT Tippex or equivalent.
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